We want you to be as comfortable and welcome as possible when attending your first class, however know that DC Naked Yoga is a small business run by just one person, Dan. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him, but know that Dan teaches 20-30 yoga classes a week and might take a little while to respond to your note. In the meantime check out the FAQs which were created based on emails we received regularly and are good to know before attending class.

Are the classes coed? We currently only offer classes for men. If you are a female instructor who would be interested in leading a female group or a coed group with me please reach out as I get lots of inquiries.

Where are the classes? The classes take place at two locations, Mondays at The Crew Club (1321 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005) and Sundays at Past Tense Yoga Studio (3253 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Washington D.C. 20010)

How much do the classes cost? Both studios operate on different pricing. At The Crew Club classes are $35 for a drop-in or $10 when you purchase a 5 class pass, At Past Tense Yoga Studio classes are $20 for a drop-in or $16 when you purchase a 5 class pass.

What are the other students like? We have an extremely diverse community, our youngest students are in their early 20s and our oldest are in their 70s. We have students of all races and sexual orientations.

Do I need to pre-register? Nope, you can just show up to class. We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can set up and get any questions you have answered.

Do you take cards? We take cards at The Crew Club, at Past Tense we take cash or Venmo.

What should I bring? At both locations we have mats and props. If you get thirsty during exercise you’ll want to bring water. At Past Tense you’ll want to bring a towel (they are provided at The Crew Club).

Will I sweat? YES.

What are the benefits of naked yoga? The benefits really depend on what you want to get from the practice. On the most practical level our teachers are better able to see and understand your body to give more helpful adjusts and assists during class. Energetically there is also an unshielding that happens when one takes off their clothes. We are better able to let our guards down and be honest about who we are in our self-reflection and interactions with others. For some of us it’s just fun to be naked!

How long are the classes? The Crew Club classes are one hour and the Past Tense classes are 75 minutes.

How challenging are the classes? Both classes are taught as All Levels meaning cues will be given for students who are brand new and students have been practicing for a long time. It’s up to the student to decide what’s appropriate for their body.

Is this a sexual environment? No and any inappropriate behavior is grounds for dismissal. While the practice can be sensual, sexual misconduct is not tolerated.

What if I get aroused during the class? This happens less than you’d think. We’re moving pretty energetically so it’s pretty hard to get too aroused. When it does happen we encourage students to sit in a resting posture til they’re ready to rejoin class